Dennis Oppenheim

Pathways to Everywhere, An Exploration

Pathways to Everywhere, An Exploration was commissioned by The City of Calgary Public Art Program for the Jamieson Place building,

The central forms of the work are pathways or corridors, configured in figure eight’s, or as in a mobius strip.

Punctuating these corridors are motorized revolving doors which angle inward like a blade or drill bit does. Walls are acrylic with a sandblasted brick pattern that increases in density as the work continues from above the escalator toward the front facade, resulting in a brick pattern which completely covers the translucent sheet material.


Dave Chihuly

Amber, Blue and Green Chandeliers

Dale Chihuly is a glass sculptor: the technical difficulties of working with glass forms are considerable, yet Chihuly uses it as the primary medium for installations and environmental artwork.

Amber, Blue, and Green Chandeliers are located on the Plus 15 level of Jamieson Place (308 Fourth Aveue S.W.) in its plant-filled and infinity-pooled Winter Garden.

The three otherworldly chandeliers were made from 400 pieces of blown glass and assembled right in the garden. Chihuly’s re-presentation of stationary formal chandeliers as organic and mobile creatures are a delight to behold.