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The Sidewalk of your Soul


The Sidewalk of your Soul

is a phantasmal chalk-path threshold,

temporarily permanent, like an inkling

into another world, take it!


this sidewalk of your soul stores every story

of every wanderer and wayfarer

who ever ambled along this uneven phizzog,

or fell between the cracks, oh yes!


of every fear and truth and memory and loss

through rain and snow and sleet

and hail and flooding heat, every life

indelible, brash or discreet, is a magical imprint


every etch and echo you make

cements itself, like a lover’s initial

surrounded by a heart, into the land

and every step you make

and all the steps that follow

are remembered by the path


as the imprint you leave lives on

so do all the traces of all those

who trekked this trail before you, yes

they live here too, and they live in you,

so carry their songs and stories with you, in joy

as you go about your business 

Sheri-D Wilson

is proud to be Poet Laureate of Calgary 2018—2020

Spoken Word - Poet - Activist - Multi-lingua-tarian

Wilson has the award-winning author of eleven books, the creator of four short films, and has released four albums which combine music and poetry. She is known for her electric performance-style, making her a favorite of festivals around the world. She has read, performed & taught in festivals across Canada, USA, UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Mexico, and South Africa. 

In 2017, she received her Doctor of Letters—Honoris Causa from Kwantlen University, after launching, The Book of Sensations (U of C Press), and CD Dragon Rouge (poetry + music).

Awards include: The City of Calgary Arts Award and the Stephan G. Stephansson Award for Poetry. She’s frequently a guest on CBC, and had many documentaries made about her work.

Sheri-D is appreciative to be an Alberta Marriage Celebrate & Ceremonialist.

A strong advocate for social change and community building:


Calgary Spoken Word Society (2003-2018)

Spoken Word Program | The Banff Centre (2005-2012)

Twitter: @SheriDWilson

Insta: sheridwilson